CDKL5 Alliance Organization


Jainu Jogani

Leadership Board

Richar Li (China, Japan, Korea)

Jainu Jogani (India, Myamar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines)

Carole Anna Partrige - Media Director (NE Europe, Russia, Former CIS Republics)

Patrick Benz (Central & S.W. Europe, Middle East , Israel)

Rick Upp (North America, Mexico, Australia)

Sandra Lopez (Brazil, Central-South America)

Katheryn Elibriframe (Africa)

General Secretary

Heike Knip

CDKL5 Alliance Interim Organization

Chairmans Duties

Appointed at Annual General Assembly of National Family Association (NFA) with 3 years Mandate Focusing on Enlarging Community Base:

  • To Develop 3 year Plan to be Submitted at General Assembly including:

No.7 Leadership Board Names  and General Secretary Name Proposal Operational Program

  • To Organize Quarterly Audio Conference Calls with Leadership Board to jointly Address Specific Agenda Issues

Leadership Boards Duties

  • Upon Approved 3-year plan, to Execute Operational Program under Chairman Coordination together with Each NFA Assigned Representatives

  • To Grant, all Deliverables included into the 3-year plan Agreed with the Chairman

  • To Organize Bimonthly Conference Calls with each and every NFA Representatives in order to Accomplished NFA Assigned Tasks and to Keep the Local Network Operational

General Secretary Duties

  • To Manage Leadership Board Quarterly Audio Conference Agendas and Call Set-up

  • To Release Official Meeting Minutes

  • To Coordinate and Facilitate Participation to the National and International Meetings

To create and Maintain Alliance Database collecting:

1.All Relevant Documentation Generated by both Chairman and Leadership Board

2.Emails Exchanged with External Entities

Family Organisations